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Sorry for the inconvenience, but we will be performing maintenance starting immediately for 1-2 days. We will NOT be taking the site offline so just check back if you can't log in on your first visit.



Tech Team

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We ran a little short of stock, we are out of PengPod1000s at the moment.  We expect to be restocked on August 14th.  You can still order now and we will ship it as soon as they are available.  If you ordered in the last few days and you order has not shipped you should be getting an email but we can issue a refund right away if you don't want to wait.

Sorry about any inconvenience.

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Want to get paid to work on open source software? Join team PengPod!



PengPod is seeking engineers for a new project. Work is focused around kernel modifications, software repackaging and porting of existing distributions to a new hardware device. Applicants must be able to work independently and should have strong problem solving skills. A history of active involvement with the open source software community is a major plus. Feel free to provide your github name, IRC handle, forum name or similar credentials to demonstrate your level of involvement. Remote or local work in Orlando, FL is acceptable. Compensation is available initially as a percentage of profits and within 1-2 months salaried positions will be available.  Can't work full-time?  You will still be considered, especially if you are interested in becoming full time later on, just send us what your can manage and we will consider it.




Must have knowledge:


  • C/C++ Programming

  • GNU/Linux systems administration

  • Linux software packaging

  • Linux Kernel Drivers




Other desired knowledge


  • Android/Cyanogenmod building and customization

  • Ubuntu Touch

  • Linaro

  • Tizen

  • Mer/Nemo Mobile

  • Plasma Active

  • Familiar with several distributions

  • ARM processors


 You can use the contact form above or email us directly,  admin at pengpod dot com

Resumes are fine, also please include a little bit about your skills, schedule (if not full time) and compensation you are seeking.


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We have changed the user registration from automatic to administrator approved.  I realize this is going to be a pain for some people who are coming to post looking for help but hopefully we can finally get a handle on the forum spam this way.  If you need to be approved, please just use the contact form to send us a message and we will approve you as soon as we see it.

Otherwise we will try to approve what look like real request but the best way to be sure is to use the contact form.

Sorry about any inconvenience, this approach worked very well for the wiki and hopefully everyone will be happier once we have a spam free forum.

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We know a lot of you are looking for a better touch based interface for the PengPod.  To that end, we have been working on loading Mer/Nemo Mobile with the PengPods and made a lot of progress this week.  You can download the latest image here

Right now I only have an image for the 1000, the 700 image should really be exactly the same just with its normal u-boot and script.bin.  Once are finished debugging the major UI issues I will post a 700 image as well.

What works

  • GUI loads at boot ( you might have 2-15 seconds of black after you see the normal linux boot text, just wait for it)
  • Touch screen (with pinch gesture!)
  • WiFi
  • USB
  • Virtual consoles (ctrl-alt-f1)

What doesn't work

  • mcompositor is crashing in the back ground, which means
  • exiting apps with the normal swipe left to right gesture is unreliable
  • After certain events (like exiting an app) things get very unstable
  • Many of the actual apps (its been slow to test without being able to exit)
  • Doesn't have some of the mer core packages available yet

I hadn't used Nemo before but I'm kind of blown away with how well it all work once running (minus our software problems).  More news soon, we are working on this and I'll have some videos up soon.  If you have experience with Nemo/Mer/QT5/etc and want to contribute, please download the image and help out in the forum or on IRC.  Also I want to thank Martin Brook (vgrade) without his help and cubieboard image to start from I couldn't have gotten this far with it.




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The Android SD card image is now available for download here.  This seems to work with all the 700s but if you have any issues please report them in the forum here.  Also the image for the 1000 is still available here .  I think the 8188eu image should work with the older 1000s with the 8192 wifi chip as well but if not please let me know.  So now both the tablets have all the different boot options available, Android from SD or internal flash and GNU/Linux from SD or internal flash.

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Barry de Graaff has done it again following up his great Debian Image now Fedora 18 with XFCE for PengPod is available for download.  We are going to try this image out and put it on our own servers just as soon as we test it.

"It is expected that all the module/kernel dependent features from the Debian build will work on Fedora. Since I am not a big fan of Fedora, I will probably not port all the features of my Debian build to Fedora. This includes GPU acceleration."

There is another Fedora image for Allwinner devices, directly from a Fedora developer.  It requires a little more setup and we haven't tested it ourselves either.

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Do you have a stash of bitcoins and nothing to spend them on? Well now you do! We are proud to announce we now accept bitcoins through bitpay. 

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We are running a sale for Memorial day, $10 off a purchase of $100 or more on our store.  Its only running for 48 hours so if you or somebody you know has been thinking about getting a PengPod now is the time!

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We are now accepting Google Wallet in our store!!! Yes, we are still accepting regular credit card payments and PayPal payments. Check back for a big payment addition next week!

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Apparently the site was down with some DNS problem overnight.  We aren't sure how long it was out of service but if you had trouble using it, we apologize.  Everything should be back up now.

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The pengstore is back online, sorry for any trouble.  It took more work than we expected but everything is fixed.  If you have any trouble at this point, please contact us right away.

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We are having an SSL problem from the server move.  If you try to buy right now, you will get an SSL error.  Please just give it a few hours, it should be fixed soon.   Sorry about any inconvenience, please enjoy our much faster hosting to peruse the forum or wiki.

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Small news bit today.  We have upgraded our hosting for to a dedicated server.  We are already seeing a huge difference in responsiveness, especially on the shopping cart.  So if you tried to buy at before and left because of the lag, please come back and give it another try.

Also we had a write up in a local business journal if anyone is interested.  Unfortunately its got a pay wall so I haven't read the whole thing

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Turns out the wifi issue is just because each Android image is specifically for its wifi chipset.  I'll convert the rest of the images over soon to those of you with 700s, dont worry, you are next.  If you have Linux and want to check which image you need just run 'lsusb' from a terminal.  8176 is a 8192CU chip set (coming soon) and 8179 is a 8188EU chip set, which the link is for.  If you try it please come comment in the forum about your experience,


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I know a lot of people have been looking for this. This image allows an SD boot to Android so Linux can be left on the internal flash without giving up the option of using Android.  This should also allow a lot more Android hacking as the image will be so easy to modify from the SD.

We have just managed to get the first boot up.  It is still a little rough, some dbus error is causing wifi not to work.  Otherwise the image seems fine but we haven't tested it completely.  I am preparing an image for upload now.  It will probably be very big as we don't yet have a framework for creating minimally sized images like we do for Linaro.  I'll post again once its online, should be either late tonight or tomorrow.

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Andrew Robertson is the winner of the Free PengPod1000 and case! Thank you everyone that has Liked our Facebook page last month. 

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With no further ado, the opensuse image is posted here   .  We haven't quite worked out all the kinks.  Basically some display driver change seems to prevent the LCD from working with recent kernels so this uses one from October.  Basically we had to stop and think "why did opensuse used to work in our original demos" and sure enough an older kernel was the key.  Wifi might not work, especially if you have the 8188eu wifi chip, so a USB ethernet adapter will probably be required.  The 700 image is coming tomorrow and also there will be more updates as we work on it.

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A lot of users have asked about adobe flash for web browsing.  Unfortunately given the closed source nature of flash, we don't have a lot of options to bring support to our Linux Arm platform.  However a user in the forums managed to find a solution that enables it for many sites.  Those requiring the newest flash player version might not work.  Here is the forum post

Also some have you might have noticed a support and shipping slow down last week.  We are back on our normal schedule and will be catching up the shipping today.  I'll have an announcement about the good news later.

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I have had a few request for an armel rootfs as opposed to an armhf rootfs.  I am know uploading ubuntu-armel images in the image directory  .  The login is root with no password.  Right now it only boots to a prompt, a window manager will have to be installed through apt-get. 

When I get a chance, I'll try and post a set with a window manager preinstalled.

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